Saturday, 14 May 2011

iPlayer - Linux - Downloads keep pausing

Linux machine (Fedora 14 x86), missed Dr. Who, so I install the new iPlayer desktop, as you do.

Fist of all, I couldn't get the desktop app to start at all, but I found that if I disabled selinux things worked a little bit better. I have a permaent issue with flash/air and selinux so it's ot a surprise. Fire off setroubleshootd andget the string I need to build the selinux policy...

>grep 4242432069506C6179657220446573 /var/log/audit/audit.log | audit2allow -M iPlayer
>semodule -i iPlayer.pp

Once done, with selinux back up and running, I can then choose the link and my download queues OK from my browser. Next hurdle; when I start the download, it thinks for a bit then pauses. Try to start the download and it pauses again. Repeats several times...
I found my iPlayer.log under my home directory, specifically:
~/.appdata/BBCiPlayerDesktop.61DB7A798358575D6A969CCD73DDBBD723A6DA9D.1/Local Store/iPlayer.log

I had to use 'locate layer.log' to find this - I've got to say I'd be inclined to use a symlink to the log in an easy-to-find place...

Tailing the log shows:

5/14/2011 22:20:11.177 [ERROR] Error reading bom. Error #2006 (in file '/home/barry/nfs/video/iPlayer/repository/b01187dm/b01187dm_hi_208047119.part)'
5/14/2011 22:20:23.885 [INFO] Getting licence for //home/barry/nfs/video/iPlayer/repository/b01187dm/b01187dm_hi_208047119.part
5/14/2011 22:20:24.619 [ERROR] LicenceError:3313
5/14/2011 22:20:24.620 [ERROR] Licence failed. The voucher associated with the encrypted content could not be saved to Microsafe. ErrorId: 3313. SuberrorId: 4353.

this repeats each time the download starts.

Because I play about with stuff a lot and can be careless, I have a redirection of most of my home directory to a snapshotted NFS mount - I'd just set this up and this was owned by 'nobody'. I set ownership of the parent directory to my account on the far end ("chown barry:barry /WD1/barry/nfs")... restart the download and suddenly everyone's happy.

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  1. On Ubuntu 11.04 Naughty Naval
    I have installed iplayer after updating AIR and flesh and then it managed to install it. Iplayer kept pausing the download. I am not as skillfull so I seeked help here.

    Permission on the folder /home/user/Videos/BBCiplayer enabling write to others. (Right click preferences/permissions/others)

    Worked. Good luck.

    I do not know how big is the hole in my system now.

    Thanks Barry